I have worked on so many projects in the time since my last update. I’ve acquired several new pieces of gear – specifically an ultra-wide angle lens, a macro lens and a camera body converted to make infrared images, which I have been having an amazing time exploring. I’ve been actively pursuing my art, exploring new locations, traveling and have been very active in a local photo club. Today I have uploaded new images to all the galleries, and removed some older/weaker images. I’m nearly caught up on processing images, but it is a constant struggle to get there as I am getting out with my camera frequently. It’s a never ending process as I create more, edit them, and get them posted – only to make even more images. I’ve branched out from my regular haunts and have been exploring local areas to hike – contributing to my Places gallery. Our wet winter and mild temperatures have offered many opportunities to capture images of beautiful landscapes and blooms. As always, there are more images on the way!


 It has been entirely too long since I updated the site – my apologies! Having so many active projects has made it difficult to find the time necessary to process images and get them ready for posting. Rest assured, I have been actively making new images and improving my skills throughout the year (As I write this, I have a few new sets of images to work on). Today I removed some older/weaker images and updated all three galleries with new (and a couple of old) images I have been working on for a while now. I really hope that you like them!


 I did a little spring cleaning, removing what I felt were a few weaker/redundant images and also added a few exciting new ones into each gallery. I hope to add more new images this Spring as I have more trips planned and the weather brings new opportunities.  


 A small update to the Animals gallery today from a recent trip to La Jolla Cove: the light was even, the wildlife active – it was a great day for photography. The presence of a lot of sea lion pups was an exciting surprise. I hope that you enjoy them!


 There has been another long break since my last update – so many projects, so little time! As locations open back up and are getting crowded again, I was able to safely create some images and found a few worthy of posting. I’ve added to the animal and flower galleries this time. There will be more to come, hopefully as the weather is more amenable to good light. I hope that you enjoy the new additions.


 The last few months have been very busy with lots of projects and few opportunities to take out my camera. I did manage to get in a few trips to local sites and even photographed at a couple of new locations.  All three galleries have been updated. I also changed the font color again (let me know if this one has better visibility than the others). I hope that you enjoy the new pics!



 It’s been a busy month and the pandemic has closed down the Zoo again. With less free time and fewer location options available I had fewer images to upload. Still, I added to all three galleries and changed the blue font throughout the site – the original font color appears much darker on iPhones and is harder to read. I’m still not sold on this shade, but will give it a try. As always, I’m open to feedback.


 It’s been a busy week with lots of new stuff added in all three galleries, I hope that you enjoy them and had a safe holiday.


 All three galleries have been updated today, hopefully you enjoy the new images. I’ve been fortunate to have good luck with the subjects I’ve photographed lately. The photo club I belong to sets challenges each month to help inspire members in their photographing, this month has been particularly rewarding and has me excited to try new subjects. There will be more to come soon!


 I’ve added images to all three sections and updated some proper names. It’s a bit of a challenge, but I am actively looking for signage to help identify plants and animals now. Recently, I’ve made several recent trips to the Zoo with little luck – but yesterday the weather made for great lighting and I was lucky to capture some exciting images. I hope that you enjoy them!



 A larger update today – I’ve been busy making new images lately in a race to beat the heat which has spiked again today. I also rearranged the galleries a little and am working on some new directions to explore soon. I hope that you enjoy the new images!


 I dug a few pics out of the archives and added images from a successful day at the Zoo, I hope that you enjoy them.


 One thing that I find reassuring is how most people I interact with when photographing are considerate and friendly. My new lens definitely attracts a lot of notice and comments, frequently people seem to think anyone with more professional looking camera gear must be an authority on photography and the place they are photographing. Frequently I am approached by people just getting into photography who ask my advice about camera equipment or techniques for getting better images. It’s very rewarding to be able to offer some insights and to pass on some of the knowledge I have been taught by others and by experience. Having the chance to encourage people new to the art always makes my day.


 Well, the last few days have been a whirlwind of activities, progress on existing projects and new projects presenting themselves. With the kind assistance of a friend and spending more time learning how to refine the site, I have made a lot of small changes which I hope improve your experience. Again, feedback is always welcome – thank you, in advance!


 My friends, thank you for the great feedback you have provided! Addressing them all will take some time. I’ve finished the first major revision of the site, I hope you find it much improved 😊 A word of explanation, it wasn’t until very recently that I decided to attempt to identify everything in the images, so a few of the animals and a LOT of the flowers have only generic descriptions. If you see something which needs to be corrected, please let me know so that I can include it on the next revision.

 Of late, I have been going primarily to the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and La Jolla Cove to photograph wildlife. As well as photographing the local flowers while walking in my neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago I splurged and added an excellent Nikon 200-500 mm zoom lens to my camera bag (in fact, it required a new camera bag and monopod to use effectively). With this new lens, I have been able to isolate much smaller areas and subjects enabling me to have a much easier time getting better exposure and composing better images.